Denton County Animal E.R. Veterinarians

Stephanie Polley, DVM, Owner

Emergency veterinarian—and Denton County Animal ER owner—Dr. Stephanie Polley likes being part of a team that can help save lives. "There is a great amount of satisfaction when we are able to save an animal after it has crashed or arrested," she said about her daily challenges. "Knowing that an animal almost passed away but is now up and walking around because of lifesaving measures we took is very rewarding. There is nothing like being a part of that."

Dr. Polley grew up in Tyler, Texas. As a child she planned on going to medical school—it was her brother who wanted to be a veterinarian. But her two passions caused her to change course (as did her brother, who is now a human ER doctor). "I was very interested in medicine and we had a variety of animals growing up—cows, rabbits, dogs, cats, hamsters. I wanted to incorporate both loves of life," she said.

Dr. Polley graduated with a degree in Chemistry from Texas A&M in 1991 and earned her B.S. in Veterinary Science in 1993. She graduated from the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine with her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 1996.

Her areas of interest are soft tissue surgery, emergency and critical care medicine, ultrasound and preventive medicine.

Dr. Polley is a member of the Dallas County Veterinary Medical Association, Tarrant County Veterinary Medical Association, American Veterinary Medical Association, American Animal Hospital Association, and the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society.

"I've been doing this so long now there have been many memorable moments. I really enjoy surgery and there have been several cases where I have an animal with very low odds of surviving surgery due to the critical nature of the case, so when they do survive everyone on our team is so excited to be a part of that experience," Dr. Polley said.

Dr. Polley shares her home with a variety of rescued animals, including Reece, a hound mix; Jack, a basenji mix; Josie, a pitbull mix; Monroe, a shepherd mix; and Moses, a domestic short hair feline. She enjoys reading, spending time with her dogs and cat, kayaking, photography and watching her favorite TV shows.