The Denton County Animal Emergency Room serves Denton County and the surrounding area's after-hour small animal emergency needs utilizing a highly skilled, compassionate staff of veterinary doctors and nurses.

With multiple exam, isolation, and trauma rooms, along with diagnostic aids such as an in-house laboratory, digital radiography and ultrasound, we are well prepared for any emergency your pet may have. In addition, we have several intensive care units which provide an oxygen-enriched environment for critical patients in a respiratory crisis, including those who have incurred traumatic injury. We are always ready to meet the needs of your pet's emergency, which may include blood transfusion therapy products, antidotes for common toxic exposures and snakebites, as well as surgical intervention when necessary.

If you are having a small animal emergency and it is during our operating hours, please call us or come directly to our hospital. If your emergency occurs after we are closed, contact your primary veterinarian immediately.